Friday, February 26, 2010

Super cheap, quick and easy bath toy storage

I love Ashley's blog here, Make it and Love It..  I would love to do about a trillion of her ideas.  However, this one went to the top of the list because it was practical, I actually thought I could do it, and it was cheap!

I modified this a bit, primarily because I couldn't find cool mesh fabric like she had.  So, I used a cheap, more flimsy version... its sort of a tulle and it was only $1.29/yard at Jo-Ann's.  I also already had some fish ribbon on hand.

I followed her tutorial, except I folded my fabric in half and then just sewed up the sides to make a bag.  My fabric did not already have a finished edge like hers.  I actually just left the top raw, I figured it probably didn't matter.  My intent for this bag is that it will stay hanging up, so hopefully it won't get too much wear and tear.  We'll see :)  I did turn it inside out, then sewed on the fish ribbon trim, then sewed on two loops just like she did.  My shower has a towel rack in it, so I just used more ribbon to tie on the bag.  So easy!   I love it.

I finished this in one naptime - less than an hour actually, and it cost me less than $1.29, seeing as how I had the ribbon and fabric on hand and I didn't even use the whole yard of fabric that I purchased.

(And yes, I went the lazy way and used the brown thread I already had in my sewing machine.  I know yellow or white would have been cuter. I also still have some threads to trim, and sorry, I used our cheapy camera for the pic.  I was in a hurry, S was going to wake up!!) Oh, and I'm linking this to Frugal Friday, where I LOVE to get ideas!!


  1. Nice job! I think the best thing about crafty projects is making them work with what you have. (And I'm practically famous for not changing the thread in my machine...) :>)